Election day is one week from today. At least one person thinks we should create a Neilstein/Rosenberg ticket for 2012. Any other takers?

But for the next four years until said ticket can take shape, we’re forced to choose between one of two men, Barack Obama or John McCain. And in my YouTube trawl to try and find something metal AND election-related to post here, I found… Nothing. We’d say metalheads are uncreative and lazy, but we know better, so we bring this one to you, the people.

Seeing as we’re equal opportunity haters, we invite you to create a mashup video using found footage of either Obama or McCain and sync it up to a metal song of your choosing. We’re thinking something like the below video would be pretty fucking cool if it were synced up to some Hatebreed instead of Rick fucking Astley. Be creative, ya hear? Then post your video on YouTube and post a link in the comments here. Easy-peasy! Two winners (one each for Obama and McCain) will get a stack of metal goodies we have lying around the MS Mansion. Have fun!

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