SOMEONE SIGN THIS BAND, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARYSasha Horn at Metal Review recently wrote a piece on the three song self-titled EP from unsigned band By Any Means Necessary. Here’s the part that caught my attention:

“…the rodents have crawled out of their cage, and have learned to conduct some experiments of their own. Specifically, the equation of Exodus divided by Vio-Lence, plus the square root of Devastation, times Chimaira.”

Well, Horn said the magic word – actually, there’s like four magic words in that sentence – so I had to check this band out. And, holy crap, am I glad I did.

Why is this band still unsigned? Is it because they look like they’re still waiting for their pubes to come in?

It’s certainly not due to a lack of quality in their music. The three songs on their EP won’t change metal forever, but they’re also pretty much perfect songs in and themselves; in other words, this band is ready for the big leagues. I imagine that fans of other modern metal bands with a strong thrash and melodic death influence would love this band – put By Any Means Necessary in front of the audience of anyone from Slayer to Exodus to God Forbid to Chimaira to Demiricious, and you’ve just made X number of new By Any Means Necessary fans. Apparently they’ve already played with Divine Heresy, but just based on these three songs, I’m willing to say that they’re actually vastly superior to Dino’s latest project.

If you like any (or all) of the bands I’ve just named, I implore you to check out By Any Means Necessary’s MySpace page. Their EP costs a whopping five bucks, and is totally worth it. And if you work for a label, get off your butt and sign these dudes!


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