Be sure to check out the brilliant documentary Get Thrashed: The History of Thrash Metal, now out on DVD. The biggest revelation is that, according to Dave Mustaine, Dave Mustaine invented thrash. The below video is his direct transcribed quote starting at 3:33 (half of Satan???):

“The sad thing, and this is really strange, when Kerry [King] was playing with Megadeth I showed him a lot of my style. Kerry’s a good guitar player, for rhythm he’s great. In Metallica, I was the only guitar player and a lot of that rubbed off on James [Hetfield]. And in Megadeth it was all my guitar playing and hired hands who learned what I was doing.

So, out of all of this, and this is totally gonna sound arrogant and I’m sorry but I am just telling you the facts, I’ve affected three bands out of the Big Five.

It would be fun to be able to look at what I did from above and see all of the people I’ve affected.”

Gary Holt of Exodus and Scott Ian of Anthrax agree.

How about you? Is Dave Mustaine the ultimate creator of Thrash Metal? Is he simply one of a select few who helped forge an entire genre of metal? Should he bow down before Motorhead and Venom and beg for forgiveness? Or, is he just an arrogant douchenozzle?


[Corey Mitchell is also a best-selling author of books and blogs about serial killers, mass murderers, and brutal crimes against humanity. He also loves The Wiggles.]

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