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So now that the dust has cleared (or so I thought) from the highly over-hyped (here and everywhere else) new Metallica release/debacle Death Magnetic, I’d like to go out on a limb and (re-) remind y’all just how long it’s been since these once-masterful-once-thrashers were actually worth all this debate. I will gladly go on record as saying that the last handful of Metallica albums have, well, pretty much sucked (and I don’t mean that in nearly the same way as, y’know, metal sucks), and despite some solid moments on the Black Album and a pretty entertaining documentary about the band at its touchy-feeliest (thus far), honestly this band has been mostly irrelevant since their seminal/culminatory record …And Justice For All.

MANAGEABLE METALLICA MONDAY #1 (OF 4)And so, starting with the title track of that amazing album from 1988 (which I obviously loved when I was a ‘tweener way back then, but also was the one (no pun intended) that served as catalyst for my inevitable resurgence into metal a handful of years later), I will be going backwards in time for the next few weeks and offering some classic choice cuts from the LPs that made Metallica Metallica, when they legitimately ruled.

Enough of this new-school nonsense! Let’s git serious here, m’kay?

METALLICA – “…And Justice For All”, from — well, whaddya you think, Einstein?!?


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