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ANTON OYVEY’S TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 20081. Torche – Meanderthal (Hydra Head)
2. Septic Flesh – Communion (Candlelight)
3. Raconteurs – Consolers Of The Lonely (Warner Bros)
4. Foxy Shazam – Introducing (New Weatherman/Ferret)
5. 36 Crazyfists – The Tide and its Takers (Ferret Music)
6. Secret & Whisper – Great White Whale (Tooth & Nail)
7. Eluveitie – Slania (Nuclear Blast)
8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig (Mute)
9. Opeth – Watershed (Roadrunner)
10. The Giraffes – Prime Motivator (Crustacean)

AFTER THE JUMP: Anton OyVey’s Top Christian Rock Bands of All Time

Because every Jew needs a little Jesus now and then…. even Anton OyVey.

10. Stryken: How can you not love a band who’s first single is “Crush the Head of Satan”:

9. Bride: God gave Rock and Roll to you, but you’ll burn in hell if you don’t like their version:

8. Saint: If Rob Halford was Christian (which means he’d have to be straight), he’d sound like this:

7. Neon Cross: And on the eigth day, the Lord gave man short shorts and a hair crimper (no offense singer of Dragonforce):

6. Ken Tamplin: Trixter called and wants to have a talk about the 8th commandment and how it pertains to Ken’s sound:

5. Holy Soldier: I guess their fans don’t agree. A quote from their Youtube page: “They misrepresent who they say they come in the name of when dressed to allure through the flesh and exude sexuality. And showing the outline of genitalia does just that wearing the same clothes heathen bands wear.”

4. Slayer

3. Heavy Metal Monk: Does this really need a description? Brother Cesare is my true brother in metal:

2. Stryper: Where would the lord be today in music if it wasn’t for the genius of Michael Sweet (who is now in Boston, bet ya didn’t know that my children!):

1. Bloodgood: “I remember wanting to write a very intense song about Satan and his ultimate destruction” was what the singer of Bloodgood said about his music, and this could be one of the best live concert videos the lord ever approved of:


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