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the hard r

We’re all critics in our own right. The age old adage of “Everyone’s got an opinion” has never been more true… Maybe the internet has something to do with it? *wink, wink* I don’t have a problem with critics at all. I love seeing records get shit-canned, especially when they are good records. What I don’t love seeing is critics analyze a record and act like they know exactly where a band is coming from. That shit annoys me. Whether it’s a good record or bad record, just review the songs. Don’t review the overarching idea of the album. I want to know about your thoughts about the record, not your thoughts about your presumptions about the record.

This has become a problem nowadays with the “cool” magazines and the “cool” bands. There don’t need to be reviews where people are looking up words in the thesaurus to “paint” the picture for the reader. Or fans on a message board talking about why they won’t listen to new stuff from a band because they think the band is “over the hill.” A lot of you may be wondering if I’m talking about us; yes and no. We’ve always been lucky enough for the critics to shoot God Forbid a lot of love. I guess there is media bias for GF. hehe. But, at the same time you don’t really need to look into the shit that deep. And we’re well regarded for the most part so, no, I’m not talking about us. But, yes, I am.

I’ll tell you what to look for and what to disregard as BS when looking at reviews for our new album. 1. What to look for: Look for the reviews that break down the songs using music as a reference. Look for a review that talks about how this album differs from our last and what the growth from the last record to this one is. Look for reviews that say we’re the best band ever.  2. What not to look for: Don’t look for reviews that talk about a specific emotion the album as a whole represents. Don’t look for reviews that say we’re revitalizing any genre. Don’t look for reviews that say I’m not good looking.

Earthsblood is a good record. I know it. My band knows it. The people who’ve heard it know it. We don’t need people to lick our balls for us to know we’ve written a great record. You don’t need critics in some magazine letting you know we made a great record. What you should know is that we tried to make the best album we could and that’s why it’s worth putting your cash down to support the record. We want to please the people who love the band. If we write shit records then we don’t deserve to be doing this. If we write shit records, we’ll get shit for it. Actually, that’s not true. A lot of bands write shitty records and they are fucking huge. I’m not naming names!

Stay tuned for Earthsblood Feb 24th.

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