• Axl Rosenberg

When we were younger, Vince and I used to argue about whether not Billy Joel was any good. For the record: I did not like the musical stylings of Mr. Joel, and Vince did. It wasn’t until Billy boy, as drunk as any member of any metal band has ever been, challenged to me to a fight on the street because I was “lookin’ at his pizza funny” that I began to see just what a bad ass the piano man is. I’ve never thought of the song “Pressure” the same way since.

ANYWAY, Blabbermouth posted this footage of Joel (on rhythm guitar) and a roadie (on vocals) playing “Highway to Hell” this past Friday night in Hollywood, Florida, a town that has the unique distinction of being the second most famous Hollywood in America. The thought of a drunk driver playing “Highway to Hell” is just too funny not to post.


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