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exiviousProg-metal fans ’round the world yesterday sported massive boners following the announcement of Exivious, the new jazzy-fusiony-metaly band featuring two non-Paul Masvidal members of Cynic and Textures drummer Stef Broks (sample press release copy: “With a jazz fusion backbone, Exivious uses freaky metal riffs to decorate their organic eruption of free improvisations and complex rhythms.”). Yowza!

I could go on, but Hipsters out of Metal scribe (and newly christened MetalSucks contributor!) Anso DF already did so more eloquently than I ever could’ve:

But seriously, tell us more about this vision of yours, Tymon. Does it include 12 guys with ponytails in a basement club? A tour with Liquid Tension Experiment? Special post-show music theory discussions? The occasional Cairo shirt? Guys, let me say, that shit is HOT! Especially the band name Exivious. More like SEXivious oh yeah.

I mean, he nailed it, amirite? Either you’re gonna love this shit or you’re gonna hate it, but if you have any kind of affinity for Cynic and music that pushes the boundaries of metal in ways other than simply more “heavy/br00tal/kvlt,” you owe it to yourself to check out the delicious, smooth goodness of Exivious’ new song “Waves of Thought” on their official website. The debut album has an approximate release scheduled for May of this year.


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