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  • Axl Rosenberg


So apprently Slayer are gonna announce their co-headlining tour mates this coming Monday, January 26. Of course, this raises the question: who will said co-headliners be?

Blabbermouth is reporting a rumor that it could be Marilyn Manson, and could be part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour. I don’t know how well the Manson/Slayer tour of ’07 sold, and I don’t know if a Manson/Slayer package would do as well for Mayhem as Slipknot/Disturbed did; but, hey, I guess it could happen.

(Blabbermouth is also saying Suicide Silence may be the support act; if that’s true, I’m all for it.)

For the sake of having fun, though, let’s assume it’s not Manson and brain storm some other ideas.

I know a lot of people are hoping it’s another old school thrash band, but I have a hard time believing that; Slayer aren’t big enough (from a ticket sales perspective) to co-headline with Metallica, Exodus and  Testament aren’t big enough to co-headline with Slayer, and Kerry King and Dave Mustaine hate one another so that rules out Megadeth (I know that King and Rob Flynn have apparently kissed and made up following their own war of the words in the press, but I don’t think it’ll be Machine Head, either.). I suppose it could be the latest incarnation of Anthrax, but… I just don’t see that happening, especially since I think ‘Thrax doing a headlining tour with their new singer before the world has really had a chance to meet him properly would be a perilous mistake. And I can’t even imagine what other old school thrash band it could possibly be.

So who else could it be? The Blabberbrat wish list – acts like King Diamond, Down and Meshuggah – strikes me as extremely unrealistic, although few thoughts tickle my imagination more than that of a Slayer/King Diamond trek.

So… at the end of the day, I imagine it will end up being a younger band – a Slipknot or a Trivium – which will make all the “purists” weep all over their keyboards, but should do the rest of us just fine.

I guess we’ll find out for sure on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to do your own speculating in our comments section below.


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