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anthrax-2008We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We’ve Come for You All is the best Anthrax album. Belladonnanthrax had a lot (I mean, a LOT) of classic tunes, but Belladonna was kind of a tool. Was that group anyone’s favorite thrash band?* They grew as musicians and songwriters when they started to introduce more classic hard rock elements into their music, and they certainly got heavier. And WCFYA was the ultimate representation of theses facts.

So. I’d almost forgotten that Anthrax have a new album coming out, because it seems like it’s been so long since there’s been much movement on them. But now the album has a name, Worship Music, and a tentative June release date. Here are some random preliminary thoughts:

  • Worship Music is a terrible title. I mean, it’s just way too on the nose, and it has no real ring to it. Also, if you put the emphasis on the word “worship” instead of the world “music,” it suddenly seems as though perhaps Dan Spitz** is now running the show. Maybe it’s a misprint and the album is actually called Warship Music. Now there’s a name I could get behind.
  • I’m sad that John Bush isn’t coming back. But…
  • …I find it encouraging that the other 4/5ths of the WCFYA line-up is returning. Yes, having John Bush back would be ideal, but from what I’ve heard of new singer Dan Nelson, he has a very John Bush quality to him anyway. It’s hard to tell much from the crappy bootlegs floating around out there of the new songs, but right now I’m feeling like if Worship Music blows, it won’t be Nelson’s fault.

Okay, everyone. Now’s your turn to share.


*Except I’m like 98% sure that they were Brian Posehn’s favorite band, and I have a deep love of and respect for Brian Posehn. So… Please, Mr. Posehn, if you’re reading this, don’t take offense.

**Yes I know Dan Spitz is not actually in Anthrax anymore. If you’re curious why I made reference to him, please refer here. Do not send me a hundred e-mails telling me Dan Spitz is no longer in the band. Thanks.***

***Other things you’re telling us that we knew already: Metallica have a video game coming out, Chimaira’s website is doing something anticlimatic, and we’re gay and in serious need of a van flip. So, y’know, you can stop sending those e-mails, too.

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