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vinyl rulesIn a well-written but typically sour-old-fart-ish rant about the audio quality of CDs vs. vinyl, industry pundit Bob Lefsetz made perhaps one of the best comparisons ever:

I felt the [CD]. But it wasn’t warm. It was a silicone tit, not the real thing. Real boobs sag. The girls think we hate this. Along with stretchmarks and that roll of fat around their middle. Whereas this makes girls real. They’re built with a higher percentage of body fat. They’re made to give birth, to nurture. Who’d want to sleep with a ten year old boy? A STARVING ten year old boy?

A woman built for the media orders a salad and picks at it. A real woman savors her food, she evidences sensuality. Something that’s hard to see, but all men pick up on. The same way it’s hard to quantify why vinyl sounds so much better than CDs. You just FEEL IT!

So there you have it… natural boobs = vinyl / good audio quality, and silicone tits = too-perfect, sterile sound. I couldn’t agree more. So where does that leave MP3s? Man-boobs?


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