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As you may have read on Blabbermouth by now, Trey Azagthoth has posted a lengthy State of the Metal address on his MySpace page. It’s long and it’s a lot to digest, but I’ve posted the entire thing after the jump. Given Azagthoth’s already-secure place in metal history, I think it’s worth pondering what he has to say seriously (As opposed to just saying “Azagthoth rules!” or “Morbid Angel is for fags!” or whatever other pithy statements to which the peanut gallery might resort). Okay, here we go:

“Is the metal scene closed-minded???? Well, is it????

“My purpose with this blog is that I have a desire to create some live performance concerts sometime in the future that include a set of Morbid Angel along with sets of the most extreme representitives of industrial, hardcore, terrorcore, jungle drum and bass etc DJs and groups. EXTREME MUSIC FOR EXTREME PEOPLE!!!! Right???

“Well, so it seems there are certain promoters and so-called ‘authorities of the scene’ who have some idea that such a gig won’t work. Saying that metal people are narrow-minded and hate the various forms of hardcore DJ music for one reason or another. Is this true???

“People who know me know I am already a freaky freak artist and so then such an idea for crossing over such types of music is amazing. Exciting!!! As long as it’s freakin’ HARD-HITTING and SICK!!!!!!

“So… Why not, I ask.

“What is metal anyways???

“For me, ‘metal’ is for those who are bored with the constrictions and ‘safe practices’ of the mainsteam mentality, just like with any other socalled ‘underground’ scene or movement. Metal people wanna get mowed down by vicously sick melodies slamming over an arrangement of beats that twist the body and pull it in all directions. Freak them up. Metal, for me, is also about self-discovery. Not being sheep-like and playing ‘follow the leader’ but rather its about being free to express one’s own ideas without the fear of ridicule. If there isn’t any guts involved to challenge whatever is the current accepted patterns, then there isn’t much in possibility for any new things to arise.

“What are metal lyrics even about if not about either breaking free from the dominion of some slavery-oppression, or the act of rejoicing in the pleasure of what people have passions about? Of course, there are also lyrics about fantasy and mindfuck as well too. !!!=RAWR=!!! ;)

“For me, it most certainly ISN’T about tribal-group mentality nor mainstream behavioral thinking. It’s not about playing it safe either.

“What is the mentality of the mainstream??? Seems to me it’s quite associated with sheepish behavoirs, placing value on ‘fitting in and the approval of others’ instead of the freedoms of self expression.

“What defines the term ‘underground???’ Isnt it when people place what they believe inside of themselves over what is supposedly supported in their exterior mainstream environment???

“What is the difference in fabricating a product and creating art????

“Where does ‘trendy-ness’ surface and what is it to be trendy?? Isn’t it when people cannot find the source of certainties, direction and/or selfworth within themselves, especially as in those times when they are alone and not distracted, so therefore they need to base their certainties on how things reflect off of their external environment, including their peers?? Adjusting themselves to be considered favorable and to attract the approval of others outside of themselves???

“For some people in the world, the only thing ‘real’ is that which can be measured by the five mundane senses. For them, the inner workings are as some mysterious make believe which they sometimes play around with until any serious situation arises and then such things are placed back in the realm of ‘make believe,’ they, of course, fall back to earth and work from whichever foundation they find ‘certainty’ in, no??? Isn’t this a formula based on the dependence of others, and if so, what does this have to do with the freedoms of such a thing as independence??? Where is the ‘strength’ in such a behavoir??? Is it just that maybe it’s considered ‘cool’ and that’s cool enough???

“OK, so the question is, do metal people only enjoy gigs with a metal-only billing??? Or do metal people also enjoy some crossover, as long as it’s freakin’ over-the-top EXTREME???? Does anyone even care??? Please chime in. I wanna hear from you.”

Okay, Trey, I’m chiming in: I actually agree that, by and large, the metal community has the ability to be very close-minded. Unfortunately, the ideals metal would seem to set forth aside, we’re just as susceptible to group-think as any other community. Racism, sexism, and idealized declarations of what is or is not “tr00” abound. It’s a sad state of affairs.

That being said, I don’t find DJs especially interesting in a live setting (What is there to watch, especially if you’re not rolling?), and I have zero interest in jungle drum n’ bass, which generally strikes as music made with the sole intent of causing migraines and seizures (And that’s not based on close mindedness, but experience – I’ve had more friends than I care to admit who are into jungle and its ilk, and the shit bores me to tears. Sorry.).

BUT…  if Morbid Angel did a show or a tour with said DJs and different styles of music, I would probably be open to at least giving it a shot, because, well, it’s Morbid Angel and they have my respect – the chances that these DJs would turn out to be as lame as someone like Necro (or Mixmaster Mike, who I once had the displeasure of watching open for Axl Rose) seems slim.

Okay, kiddies. Time for you to weigh in below.


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