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the hard r

I bet a lot of you are wondering why I haven’t been doing my blog lately. Well, let me tell you. Our album comes out very soon and I say a LOT of fucked up shit when I’m writing these blogs. I guess it’s not as fucked up as what the BlabberBitches say but I guess I can get people all riled up. Maybe they have no lives. Maybe their user name handle is out of date and they just can’t change it because their anxiety of being un-“famous” prevents them from doing so. I don’t know.

I slowed down on the blogs for a bunch of reasons. 1) I had a baby. 2) I got a job. 3) I wanted to quiet myself before the album came out so you can pay attention to the music. Of all the shit I say, in the end, none of you would know me if it weren’t for God Forbid so I think it’s respectful to let GF have the spotlight while the record is set to be released.

Now that the record is about to come out [pre-order here. -Ed.] there’s been some press, you’ve heard some songs and you’ve seen the artwork. Most of you are probably familiar with the fact that we’re touring with Ill Nino in Europe in March, Lamb Of God in the states in April, doing the festivals in Europe in June and doing MAYHEM in July and August. That is a lot of touring. And to the BlabberGrundles who said we’re washed up: Yeah, we also got fabric softener with our sick tours… Fuck off.

How did all this happen? To tell you the truth, I have no fucking clue. I think it might be the fact that the record is blowing people’s minds. Or we’re a career band and we’ve always had momentum that is mounting. Or maybe we have friends in very high places. It’s gotta be one or all of those things. I’m not too sure but I’ll tell you this: I am fucking relieved, I am fucking happy and I am fucking content.

For all of you who read my blog regularly, you know how hard it is to survive being in a band. I am not complaining, BlabberCunts. I’m just stating a fact. Whether you think we should shut up and just play or you understand the plight of the working musician, it’s hard to be in a band. It’s hard to get the great tour. It’s hard to write a great record. Fortunately, this time around we got the best of both worlds. And our record hasn’t even leaked yet? What the fuck is going on?

“Don’t ask no questions” is what I say. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get. Just a couple of months ago I was telling you guys that I didn’t know if the album was good. I was praised for being real and all that hooplah. What I was really saying at that time was, “I don’t know if this record will do well.” At this point, I still don’t know the answer to that question BUT we have everything lined up to do very well. Mark my words, if it ain’t now, it ain’t never… That’s Robert Frost, BlabberCocks. Tell me which anthology it’s from. :)

As far as BondedByBud’s love fest with Metalsucks and God Forbid, I only have one thing to say: Stop being slow. I do an exclusive blog here. Metalsucks is a metal news site. Any genius can put two and two together. Unfortunately, you’re not a genius. Also, Vince and Axl have had our record for a long while and they dig it. So if you don’t like the fact that they dig it and say they dig it when news about God Forbid is posted, then shit somewhere else while you eat here.

With that said, check out the “Earthsblood” review over at You may enjoy it.

Don’t smoke crack.

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