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hibria“There’s enough Brazilian power metal bands to go around for more than one day?” I hear you asking. But of course there are, and we’ve got an entire wing of our talented MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys who dedicate their lives solely to weeding out the best of the best. But today our special primate friends can take the rest of the day off to go home and enjoy bananas of the highest caliber, for MS Maniac Anthony has sent us a message on MySpace to let us know about Hibria, a fine Brazilian power metal export indeed. No Dragonforce-style wankery here (like ’em or not), just 100% unadulterated kick-assery. Their latest album is called The Skull Collectors and features gems with names like “Tiger Punch,” “Steel Lord of Wheels,” and “Millennium Quest,” all of which are streaming on their MySpace page. Because power metal bands can always be judged by a) the quality of their song titles, b) the cheese-factor of their band photo, that’s really all you should need to know to go give them a listen. Plus, the singer is wearing his own band t-shirt so you know they HAVE to be good. Raise those fists high in the air and grab the invisible oranges if ya got ’em!


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