BlogronautI greet you Metalsucks readers this week with a somewhat melancholy blog entry, as I am here to announce the sale of one of my favorite guitars ever. I bought this Gibson L6-S a little more than a year ago and pretty much fell in love with it. It has an all maple body and neck, which means a brighter attack than the usual mahogany that most Gibsons have. This is also one of the most comfortable guitars I’ve ever played. This thing has been my main guitar since I bought it, meaning it’s been played at probably a hundred Intronaut shows, and was the guitar used on our last record.
intronaut sacha dunable guitarI’m selling it because I need something a bit more complementary to Dave’s sound, and I can’t afford to keep this and buy a new one, so it’s ebay bound. For full details and specs, check out the ebay listing. I promise you this is a way better guitar than some LTD or Schecter piece of firewood sold for the same price (cool cherry red flame maple top, dork!). Plus, there is lots of metal history soaked into the finish here. If these dings could talk!

Additionally, if you have something cool to offer to trade, I will seriously consider all offers and even pull the auction if you have something I want. The auction ends Sunday, February 16th!


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