splatterhousePreface: this is purely speculation and we do not have confirmation that the music below is, in fact, a new Mastodon track!

That said, it would certainly appear that the background music in the trailer for the forthcoming video game Splatterhouse is new Mastodon music. Let’s look at the evidence:

1) In a preview piece about the game, IGN reports that “The soundtrack is all Mastodon all the time. In fact, Rick will be wearing a Mastodon t-shirt before hulking up and going all crazy-like.” Furthermore, confirms that “US heavy metal band Mastodon has also been brought in to provide audio work for Splatterhouse.”

2) Members of Mastodon were signing autographs at the Splatterhouse booth at the New York Comic-Con last week.

3) It sounds like Mastodon.

Take a look at the video game trailer, featuring at least a good solid minute of audio, after the jump:

So… Mastodon… yea/nay? If yea, thoughts?

Thanks to MS Maniac Toxteth O’Grady for his excellent sleuth work.


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