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kralliceAxl did such a fine job recapping this past weekend’s Scion Rock Fest that there’s no need for me to reiterate what he already wrote. But even your MS editors part ways once in a while, and while Axl watched the end of Pig Destroyer’s shortened set I headed inside to catch Krallice purely for the curiosity factor. What I saw completely blew my mind and was easily the highlight of the day for me.

Krallice’s intense psychedelic black metal had me captivated with every turn after twisted turn their music took. Most of the time there weren’t any vocals, which placed the emphasis squarely on the epic, monstrous, riveting compositions. All I could do was stand and watch as each moment was more grand than the last. Anton OyVey, who came to watch with me, was in full agreement; there were other bands to see but we couldn’t help but stay until the last note was played. Krallice are a band with zero pretention and no corpsepaint; just killer, awesome black metal. And fucking INTENSE… that’s the word I keep coming back to. The band played the shit out of their instruments with a passionate fervor you just don’t see in most bands.

Unfortunately their recordings, like much black metal, don’t do the band justice. There’s a track called “Wretched Wisdom” on their MySpace which sounds alright, but really nothing like they sounded live. Hopefully next time around they’ll be able to get it together in the recording studio and get over the notion that black metal is supposed to sound like shit. The nuance in their live set was unbelievable, and it needs to be captured on tape. Regardless, Krallice made a fan out of me on Saturday and I’ll surely be out to see them next time they play live in New York.


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