We loved Neuraxis’ 2008 release, The Thin Line Between, so much that the opportunity to have the band do an exclusive tour blog for MetalSucks was too good an opportunity to pass up. Below, check out vocalist Alexandre Leblanc’s final entry; you can read guitarist Rob Milley’s intial entry here, Alexandre’s last two entries here, and Alexandre’s review of the Oscar nominated film The Wrestler here. Enjoy!

Raleigh, February 21st

A small venue packed with (more or less) 250 people. So many that I’m hoping for a good show. Which we don’t (didn’t) have. I mean we get the 10% that digs what we do but the others are just rude. I mean, it’s ok. They don’t dig us and it’s their right. I later went to a coffee place for some internet. When I come back in the venue. Apparently there had been a fight night. Scott from Carnifex told us (when) he left the people didn’t even care about music…only moshing and fighting. Apparently, a brawl erupted in front of the merch and 6 people, we’re bashing on this huge 6’5 black bouncer fit to be in professional wrestling. We were kind of glad of leaving this place….

Quote : “That bouncer is gonna kill somebody….”

Baltimore, February 23

After chillin at Bruce’s place (Covenance, ex Dying Fetus, ex Misery Index) we head out for the Sonar, a very nice venue. We play an good set and get to hang out with Eric Hitle (Fuckwall, ex Covenance) and Bruce, to which we dedicated a song. Later we went to Mark and Adam’s crib (Misery Index) even if they were on tour. Alicia (room mate) welcomed us with beers, XBOX 360 and an awesome collection of Batman comics. It juts hit me of how much I miss reading comics… Hooked again!!!

Philadelphia, February 24

Over 300 people showed up. The crowd is very receptible and you can see there is a couple hardcore metal fans. We also meet some fans who were there at the Faceless tour and the guys from Mortal Decay. Rob met with a guy from Relapse (forgot his name) who offered us an hotel room (we had no place to crash) and a bunch of cd’s including the Obscura album. It’s awesome. We can’t wait to tour with those guys. Even though I didn’t get a philly cheese steak this time, I had another great night in Philadelphia.

New York, February 25

I woke up around 4 :00 in the van, surrounded by traffic and yellow cabs. We’re in New York, it’s official. It’s my first time there and it’s everything like the movies. After hell for parking we finally get to chill at the Gramercy Theatre. Problably the best venue of the tour. I get all psyched up, me even putting a Brutal Truth shirt. The sound is amazing, the stage is amazing, the crowd…indifferent. I mean there is people that are into us but…it’s a theatre with seats in the back. Seats shouldn’t be allowed in a metal show. I told them I felt like a movie…They didn’t laugh. Anyway after the show, we learn that Live Nation (who runs the place) is taking a 15% on merch and 30% of our guarantee because we are canadians (?!?!).

With all that, Beneath The Massacre caught a parking ticket in the spot the promoter gave them. It was a bit pathetic…

Quote: “We just paid to play NY.”

Worchester, February 26

Woosta!!!!  Massachussets is great. Reminds me of Montreal and Quebec a bit. Problably because we are getting closer. It’s my first time at the Paladium, which is impressive. The show is packed and the crowd energetic. I got to sing ‹‹Reign of Terror›› with Beneath The Massacre. I also got to see the beggining of Despised Icon’s set as people we’re stepping over each other in the front to grab the mic. By the second song, Elliot from Beneath The Massacre, is grabbing Steve (Despised Icon) and litterally throwing him in the crowd. Steve just continued growling in his wireless, floating over the crowd. Later, we got to hang out with Josh (our bass player from the Faceless tour) drink beers and smoke good weed (finally). We also got to witness Derek and Tommy arriving from a bar downtown, hammered beyond belief…It’s woosta, baby!!!

Quote: “Oh shit! That was amazing…” – Despised Icon’s Alex Erian after the first song

Buffalo, February 27

Last show of the tour. After we mailed the rest of our merch through Fed Ex (to avoid bullshit at the border) we get to Xtreme Wheels, a skatepark/venue with a huge stage. Most people don’t know us and it’s cold. Really cold. I try to warm the place and myself on stage. Eric Galy (tour manager) comes on stage during the set to show us an empty pizza box with an heart inside written Neuraxis on it. I force him to headbang with me. He’s awesome. He intervenes during everybody’s set. At the end, during Despised Icon’s ‹‹Fainted Blue Ornament››, all guys from all bands assault the stage with toilet paper. Ben(D.I guitarist) looks like a mummy by the time we finish. Good way to thank Despised Icon for  the tour. We all trade shirts and get the tour pictures done…the usual.

After dropping Derek at the airport, we head out to the borders. We passed withtout problems. We got back our merch in the locker in Ontario and headed to Montreal… finally.

Even though we got tough crowds and no profits, it was a great tour. Right now, we’ll try to get some rest and focus for our next trip…the Cannibal Corpse tour.


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