This Sucks


  • Axl Rosenberg


Seriously, does anybody have worse luck than this poor dude? First Nachtmystium weren’t able to complete last year’s tour with Opeth, then they’re kicked off of the free Scion fest for some bullshit about Nazis (which, for the umpteenth time, is NOT TRUE), and now the band has to drop off their upcoming, MetalSucks-sponsored tour with The Haunted because Judd has broken his leg. Says the band:

“Sorry to anyone hoping to see us in April! After this whole bullshit fiasco with the Scion Rock Fest a few weeks back, and now this, it’s been one thing after the other around here. Fear not, we will be back soon enough.”

We wish Blake a speedy recovery – the band apparently has plans to hit the road again in June, so hopefully we’ll get to see them live again at some point.

Meanwhile, this means that three of the four originally announced support acts for The Haunted are no longer on that tour. As far as we know, The Haunted are moving forward with The Agonist and Marauder. We’ll just have to wait and see if a replacement band for Nachtmystium gets announced or not.


Thanks to Vincent Neilstein, Esq. for the excellent headline suggestion!

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