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between the buried and meBetween the Buried and Me are one of those kinda-polarizing metal bands; you other love ’em or you don’t get ’em. But judging by feedback on this site, it seems like most of you love ’em, and I’m 100% certain that more of you would love them if not for the fact that they’re on a record label not exactly known for its quality metal output. And what’s not to like? Their 2007 opus Colors ranked on not only the year-end lists of Kip Wingerschmidt and yours truly, but sent shockwaves that emanated through musical circles not usually known for embracing heavy music in the slightest.

So: Lambgoat reports that the band is wrapping up writing for their next record which they plan to begin recording May 31st with long-time producer / genre-master Jamie King.

This is boner-worthy news to be sure. Will BTBAM make their heaviest record to date or will they continue on in the prog/experimental direction they’ve been going since Alaska? My bets — and hopes — are on the latter, but I’m sure there’s a core of original BTBAM fans who think everything after The Silent Circus is garbage. Colors is going to be hard to top, but if ever there’s a band that strives to push themselves to get better and better, Between the Buried and Me is that band.

Check out my interview with bassist Dan Briggs and singer Tommy Rogers — conducted this past summer when the band was out supporting The Black Dahlia Murder and Children of Bodom — in which the pair offer a glimpse into where their minds are at regarding the musical direction of the next record.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m finally listening to Chris Cornell’s Scream as I type this. Holy fuck; what a steaming pile of dogshit. Amazon, I want my $2.99 back.


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