Tour de Force



After yesterday morning’s scare, thankfully Kip turned up. On the couch downstairs at the flophouse we’re crashing at. Phew!

It was another fine day in Texas; 80 degrees, sunny, lots of metal. First up was Full Metal Texas, at which I saw Black Math Horsemen, Kylesa, Skeletonwitch and Fact. The End Records / MetalSucks showcase followed, at which Junius, Hull, These are They, Goes Cube, Tub Ring and Early Man rocked the confines of a tightly packed room that looked like an old European castle. My quick summary after the jump.

Highest hipster quotient: Kylesa

Highest hot metal-chick quotient: Kylesa

Band I still don’t really get why people love them so much: Kylesa

Best mosh pit: Skeletonwitch. Leave your karate chops at the door, thankyouverymuch.

Highest level of kick-assery: Skeletonwitch

Best LOL moment: hundreds of pre-teens lined up outside of Emo’s to see IWABO / Whitechapel / The Devil Wears Prada.

Most metal moment: An 80+ year old women standing up front to watch Goes Cube.  So f’n metal.

Best non-gay male-bonding moment: enjoying black cherry Italian ices with Jeremy from Roadrunner whilst watching the “scenery.”

Best surprise of the day: Junius. Super-tight atmospheric but heavy rock/metal with a barebones light show that added to the epic mood.

Biggest disappointment of the day: having to walk 2 miles home at 3am because we couldn’t get a cab (again!) and still having to pay $4 for a sad, soggy excuse for a slice of pizza. WTF Austin???


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