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Some light in this bleak, bleak, piece of shit world: Insomnium – who may very well be the most fun, if not necessarily the best, melodic death metal band in the world today – are making a new album, and have launched a studio blog to keep fans abreast (ha ha, he said “breast”) of their activitities (ha ha, he said “titties.”).

There’s no fancy design on the blog – it looks exactly like something your dad might have started – but that actually makes me like it more, ’cause it means there’s no publicist secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes.

It also features a healthy dose of early 90’s-style humor: “We woke nice and fresh 9:00 am, NOT!” Ahh. Wayne and Garth would be proud.

The still-to-be titled album should be out later this year. Here’s the band’s video for “Mortal Share.”

Holy fuck balls, do I love Insomnium.


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