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  • Axl Rosenberg


You know how I know IWRESTLEDABEARONCE are an awesome band? Because of how polarizing they are. Everyone who leaves comments on this site – fuck, everyone I’ve ever spoken to about the group – either loves them or hates them with a passion; they do not ever, under any circumstances, inspire a shrug. And isn’t that what you want from music? Or would you rather have Diecast’s career?

So. Sometime over the weekend, that clock on the band’s official website stopped counting down, and revealed the title and release date of IWABO’s Century debut – it’s called It’s All Happening, and it’ll see the  light of on June 2. There’s also a too-brief sample of a new song, “See You in Shell,” streaming here, and AN ENTIRE NEW SONG (!), “You Ain’t Family,” streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

Two quick things:

  1. I love that cover art with all my heart. Awesome, awesome, awesome shit.
  2. Even though I don’t especially like the movie Almost Famous (A flick about 70s rock that never mentions heroin, black people or Vietnam? What’s it like in Neverland?), I love that a band that is on the cusp of being famous referenced the movie in the title of their first full length.

I’m sure we’ll have lots more updates for you as the album grows closer. For now, you can duke it out – as you always do when it comes to IWABO – in our comments section below.


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