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Chalk it up once again to great European metal labels just not having enough juice to work their bands Stateside — but holy fuck, how have all of us been missing out on the orgasmicity that is Centaurus-A?? The band doesn’t have an American record label yet, but on the other side of the pond they’re on Listenable, which is really no surprise considering the same label puts out Gojira and Textures. Centaurus-A may be as good as either of those bands even if they sound like neither. The lazy journalist in me is just going to say they’re “progressive death metal,” though that simple classification doesn’t capture the nuance of their sound; there’s plenty of brutality, off-kilter time signatures, groove, wicked chops and occasional shred. If you enjoy Obscura, Arsis, Psycroptic, Gojira, Meshuggah and the like, you’ll eat this shit up; it’s fucking intense and you need to hear it for yourself. Check out the video below, then listen to more tunage on their MySpace page.


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