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I’ve given my Scraping Genius… seal of approval to Disappearer before, though that was based on the fierce Massachusetts noise rock trio’s fucking demo (which you can download for free). Those of you who loved those tracks will be happy to hear that Disappearer’s debut album is imminent.

Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, The Clearing officially releases on May 5, but y’all can order the LP or CD editions from Magic Bullet Records right now. The CD is only $6.00 for 10 songs, so even the cheapest of you miserly bastards has to admit that’s quite a deal. If you’re one of those try-before-you-buy consumers that piss off Baskin Robbins employees with irritating requests for free samples, check out the free MP3 below for the record’s opener “A Skull Full of Bats” and hear for yourself just how super-great this band is.

Disappearer, “A Skull Full of Bats”


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