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The Rise Of Extremism and Terminator Salvation

A lot of you complained about my last blog and how I didn’t talk about metal and my decision to leave God Forbid. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get how certain things relate to each other and it’s not my job to help the short bus kids along. Don’t look in the mirror. I don’t want you to think I’m talking about you. You’re not that important. With that said, my Susan Boyle blog was completely metal and did relate to me exiting God Forbid even if I left before Susan Boyle became famous. It like Tupac making videos and albums after he was shot to death. We all know Tupac lives. He really does!

I’m going to talk about the most metal thing ever. Extremism and Terminator Salvation. If you saw the Terminator Salvation trailer before it was rated PG-13 you probably thought it was going to be the best movie ever. That trailer is absolutely bad-ass.

Here it is:

When it was rated PG-13 a lot of fan boys started crying and saying this movie was going to be shit. I haven’t seen it but I think it’s going to be great even at PG-13 and I’ll tell you why.

1) Christian Bale’s freak-out on set.

After this happened so many people said Christian Bale was a whiner and a loser. I tend to disagree. Especially after his apology. He was channeling John Connor and that’s why he freaked out, so he says. Mark a win for Terminator Salvation. It being PG-13 I doubt he’ll be able to say, “WHAT DON”T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?! I’M GONNA KICK YOUR FUCKIN’ ASS!” So that kind of sucks.

2) It’s Terminator and Transformers in one with the tone of The Dark Knight.

TDK and Transformers were PG-13 and Terminator was R. Put the three together and you get a ‘hard PG-13’. Second win for Terminator Salvation.

3) Terminators have a metal endo-skeleton and in this film there are pure metal Terminators.

It’s metal as hell. Win number three.

4) The Dark Knight was PG-13, it kicked major ass and Jonathan Nolan, co-writer of TDK, helped write Terminator Salvation.

Win number four.

5) Nine Inch Nails accompanies the trailer.

6) We live in a more extreme society than back in the 90’s. We can take a hell of a lot more in a PG-13 rating.

Sixth win for Terminator Salvation.

A PG-13 rating these days is like an R rating ten years ago. We live in a culture where Zac Efron’s new movie seems to be promoting fucking and having babies at 18 ( I didn’t see it. I learned this on Observe and Report, Seth Rogen’s mall cop movie, has an alleged date rape scene. It was rated R. Date rape ain’t a laughing matter. Ten years ago it would have been NC-17.

Our kids are more extreme, they ingest more and they are getting smarter. Deathcore is a good example of how fast these kids have become. I literally saw a kid headbang to The Faceless so fast his head exploded. I’d say The Faceless is PG-13 but still bad ass. Especially with exploding heads of suburban white kids who love screamo-crunk!

I call this blog The Hard R because I talk about shit that you shouldn’t talk about. When it comes to Terminator Salvation I’m sure it’s going to kick all kinds of ass. Most likely the producers and studio paid for that so The Faceless fans and Asher Roth kids can go see the film without their mommies having to attend. In a way maybe PG-13 is helping our society. Maybe the 13-18 year olds will stop fucking and doing meth for a bit to go see these flicks?

To close, I left God Forbid because I had personal issues to deal with and I felt I needed to move on. I’m proud of my time with the band and I’m proud of all the records we made. It was time to move on and that’s it.

I’ll leave you off with a cool remix from Christian Bale’s freak out by RevoLucian! Totally fucking metal. If you make a good metal remix of his freak out I will call you personally and insult you!

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