What the...??


  • Axl Rosenberg


Alright. So on Monday night at Paganfest (where Moonsorrow absolutely RAPED the crowd, in addition to have the coolest t-shirt of the evening – the Statue of Liberty on fire while a viking ship sails away), I heard a bunch of people talking about Saturday’s night’s NYC Nightwish concert. We weren’t there, but the thing that seemed to stand out in the mind of everyone who did attend wasn’t the music or the performance – it was was that vocalist Anette Olzon was apparently wearing a muumuu.

Okay. Humorous enough.

But then, earlier today, Vince and I had lunch with some friends who were also at the show, and all they could talk about was this friggin’ muumuu. So I looked on YouTube and, sure enough, some fan got some footage on his or her cell phone – and Olzon, is, indeed, wearing a muumuu.

Now, muumuus are traditionally reserved for a) the pregnant and b) the morbidly obese; Anette certainly isn’t the latter and some rumors from last year aside, I don’t think she’s the former. So oh why oh why is she wearing this smock?

Check out the video footage after the jump.


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