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To celebrate the release of their new record Wars and Rumors of Wars this past Tuesday, The Chariot have pulled a Trent Reznor and gone above and beyond; of the initial run of 25,000 CD copies, the band have hand-stamped, hand-signed and hand-numbered each and every one. A little extra something to get the fans excited, to know that the CD you’re holding was personally assembled by the band is pretty fucking cool, especially when it’s 25-fucking-THOUSAND copies we’re talking about, not just a limited run of 500 or something. Watch the video of the band putting them all together, above!

Axl and I saw the Chariot open for Gojira this past Wednesday, and — life-changing experience that was Gojira’s performance aside — The Chariot fucking killed it. Going in with a completely open slate and not knowing what to expect, I was mightily impressed by the fury, fervor and reckless abandon with which the band approaches their live shows. Think about what you’re getting into when you go see Dillinger Escape Plan, and you’ll have a rough idea of what it’s like to see The Chariot. That’s a compliment.


[Thanks: Fueled by Adam]

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