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  • Kip Wingerschmidt

twitter logoSo I started getting down with tweeting yesterday, and the verdict is………IT’S SILLY!!!

(but you knew that already)

My fave exchange thus far was when I asked Chris Cornell if he ever rocks Timberlands, cause that would be SO ironic, and he replied that haha yes he had 3 pairs, to which I told him that I actually like the Nelly Furtado cover version of “Jesus Christ Pose”, to which he didn’t reply. Naturally this morning when good ‘ol CC tweeted complaints about having long hair/short hair/hair, I suggested he shave his pubes. Haven’t heard back yet but obvs I’ll let you know when/if I do.

Cause of course you care, right???

When Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed mentioned that he was trying Vietnamese food last night for the first time and asked what he should have, I couldn’t resist suggesting that he try the cream of sum yung gai….to which he responded that my mother recommended the same thing! Mom — how could you??

And so perhaps I could become addicted to this terse, infantile format of communicating the random thoughts off the top of your head — but let’s hope not. What I’d really like to do is harrass as many “celebrities” as possible, and get them to respond to my inane baiting… Star-tweeting, if you will?

Follow our misadventures, and speak up!

(and after you add us, add Valient Thorr too, cause he’s hilarious!)


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