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dredg - the pariah, the parrot, the delusionMetalSucks contributor and Hipster-Hater Anso DF posted a fine piece about not-metal-but-adored-by-many-metal-fans San Francisco stoner-groove band Dredg on his excellent blog Hipsters out of Metal! We’ve heard all of Dredg’s new record The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion (out June 9th), and let me tell you, it is fucking boner-worthy as all hell. “Information,” the obvious choice as first single, is also quite obviously one of the worst and simplest songs on a record full of great and complex songs, but c’est la vie. I’ll let our friend Anso take it from here:

Art-rock quartet Dredg doesn’t exactly do themselves any favors. Their name is tragically similar to powerfully inferior bands like Staind and Trapt. Get past that, and you’ll find their sound is flittery and intellectual; I bet Neil Peart heard them and was like Goddamn these lyrics are pretentious. And worst of all, they signed to a major label that didn’t have the stones to promote them. Which isn’t to say Atlantic did nothing with 2004’s brilliant Terry Date-produced set Catch Without Arms, nor that Dredg is not a difficult act. But while the Discovery Price concept is a strong inducement to purchase, it doesn’t work if the album is invisible to purchasers. Every fucking body who is aware of Dredg LOVES them. That there will be more of us in the coming weeks is indicated by their yawning, quaking new single “Information” (above). And we’re not closeted Coldplay fans like all those Thrice-humpers.

The video for the new single “Information,” after el jumparino.

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