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Vince and I still don’t really understand the difference between “wigger slam” and “deathcore,” but Metal Inquistion‘s Sergeant D does: he has (by his own admission) pretty much positioned himself as the world’s (or at least the net’s) foremost authority on the wigger slam genre, and, as such a scholar, was even interviewed for an article in Decibel on the subgenre (Which in no way, shape, or form clarified the difference between wigger slam and deathcore. Seriously. Someone explain it to me, ’cause I ain’t hearin’ it.).

One of the bands Sergeant D talks about in said Decibel piece is Waking the Cadaver (again, sounds like deathcore to me!), who apparently didn’t take very kindly to being called “wiggers,” even though one look at them would suggest that, yes, they are indeed white dudes who dress in a manner stereotypically reserved for black dudes:



So I guess Sergeant D, upon hearing that the band was upset with his categorization of them, shot them a MySpace message to tell them “it was all in good fun and not too take things too seriously.”

Which they did anyway, responding thusly:

listen geek,

your the one taking things so seriously, with your website dedicated to bitching and moaning about bands…your obviously a homosexual because your so concerned with how GUYS dress….and I seriously doubt you’ll come to a show, as a matter of fact, I seriously doubt you go to any shows because your the type to sit behind a computer whining and complaining about how bands aren’t good enough for your level of “metal”…..im sure your just a aging loser with nothing better to do in your life than be concerned with the way guys dress. you even proved it by writing a message saying “i used to wear XXX nautica t-shirts.”….let me tell you internet fagit, we don’t even listen to rap, and we don’t wear nautica shirts so we have NOTHING in common. all your proving is that your a TREND SURFER.

We were never aware of your blog until your grapevine buddy at decibel mag told us about your blog. you are a pure INTERNET FAGGIT…and quite simply, without knowing what you look like, we can sense your physical inferiority, and don’t try to respond with some “i watch ufc george pierre” bullshit…cuz that shit is just amateur. your old, probably have years of drug abuse under your belt, and would get assaulted easily.

don’t bother responding…we don’t talk to gays

I will always be baffled by people who use the word “faggot” but can’t spell it correctly. It’s like they are going out of their way to show the world that only total morons use that word. I also have to wonder how many gay people this guy has spoken to his life without realizing it; statistically speaking, at least one member of his band has had a homosexual experience in his life, so we know he has, in fact, spoken to at least one gay guy.

ANYWAY, kind of amazingly given all the shit we talk here at MetalSucks, Vince and I have never gotten a really angry e-mail of this nature from a band member (or else we surely would have published it)… although I think a certain bass player for a certain mediocre band I won’t name did have Vince removed from a music video shoot once. So I don’t really have a point in posting all of this, other than I found Mr. Waking the Cadaver’s reaction hilarious.

In other news, I still can’t tell the difference between wigger slam and deathcore.


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