Without fail, my favorite part of Decibel every month is their Hall of Fame series, in which they get some insanely truthful and in-depth interviews with bands about the making of classic albums (the rule is all the band members still have to be alive and able to discuss the record, so, alas, no albums by Death, Pantera, etc. will ever make the list). Awhile back it was hinted in the pages of Decibel that the best of these columns would be expanded and collected into one volume, and now said volume – Precious Metal – will be released on July 15 on Da Capo Press. It was edited by Decibel’s own master blaster, Albert Mudrian, who, in case ya didn’t know, also wrote the totally awesome Choosing Death, which I think everyone pretty much agrees is the definitive tome on the history of death n’ grind.

Precious Metal is already available for pre-order on Amazon and minus the cost of shipping, it’ll run you a measly thirteen bucks. And it will be worth every penny, I have no doubt…


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