Last month we asked you to tell us which 3 Inches of Blood song best represent the Blood Oncore High sneakers, the band’s new collaboration with Nike 6.0. Today we’re happy to extend our congratulations to the MetalSucks Maniac known only as “epic,” who wrote the winning entry:

There’s too many great 3 Inches of Blood songs that would induce one to suit up this pair of killer kicks to rush into battle and do some destruction on one’s enemies. The casualty is that we have to pick one, so I choose “Forest King”.

Lace up your feet in this epic piece of armor and grab the biggest weapon you can. Forest King evokes a dread in those who would oppose the machine that is metal. It’s a warning to those, big and small, good or bad that the hooves in which fear was built and and steel had began is coming swiftly on a road that is paved with the blood of the blasphemers, riddled with the corpses of the opposition. This onslaught is more than mere terror, but rather a dozer that shall forge a path for the earth to take back what was stolen from it and return the times to a day of simplicity. This is where the cries and screams are long, and by the end of this whole ordeal, your feet will be drenched in rivers of blood, staining them, only to mark the road you walk as a warning for all those who dare to follow.

Nice work, epic. Your shoes are in the mail! Wear ’em proud, dude!

If you didn’t win, remember that the shoes are currently available for sale at select retailers. You can get more info on this awesome footwear at Nike 6.0’s official website, and don’t forget to check out 3 Inches of Blood’s MySpace page for all the latest info on what 3IOB are up to.

-Axl, Vince, and Everyone at MetalSucks

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