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I went to bed and when I woke up this morning a number of interesting bands had announced album titles and release dates for their new records. Wowza. So… here we go:

  1. Slayer’s new album will be called World Painted Blood, Blabbermouth exclusively revealed. If you read this site regularly you know I’m a huge Slayer fan and I’m totally stoked about this record, especially after hearing how awesome “Psychopathy Red” is, but… this is a silly album title. It’s not bad-assed silly, either, like God Hates Us All – it’s just silly. Still, a bad album title shouldn’t derail anyone’s enjoyment of the actual music.
  2. 3 Inches of Blood will release their Century debut, Here Waits Thy Doom, on September 8. See, now that‘s a bad-assed silly album title.
  3. 3IOB’s countrymen and now-labelmates, Despised Icon, will release Day of Mourning on September 22. I have no judgements on that album title one way or the other. But a new Despised Icon disc could be sssswweeeeetttt.
  4. Still no word on Lake Bukkake’s forever-in-the-works reunion record, Chinese Bukkakacy. Sad.


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