Saturday Song to Get Stoned To



four_men_walkingI can’t find any info online about the untitled EP from Baltimore’s instrumental post-metalists …soihadto… that mysteriously lives in my iTunes library. I’m pretty sure an old friend (the inimitable Dr. Guzaro Zahmeugua, who also introduced me to this amazing band) gave it to me some time back, and I definitely enjoy its raw, stony stylings each time it blasts through my speakers.

The band seems to have taken a more proggy, atmospheric direction, and recently signed to Chicago’s Grape Juice Records, with a full-length to be released in the near future.

You can peruse upcoming tour dates on the band’s MySpace page, including a July 3rd Atlantic City House of Blues show with Clutch, Monster Magnet, and Wino — holy moly!! And you can get more info on the band/download a few more tracks here.

Check these guys out — you just have to…

a_9a93ad45530055108e395cee3955b2d1…SOIHADTO… — “Urotsukidoji”

…SOIHADTO… — “Come And Get Me In My Sleep”

…SOIHADTO… — “Searching For The Cure”


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