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  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, it’s, like, totally summer now. The girls here in New York are dressed like whores, regardless of whether or not they have the bodies for it. It smells like dog shit and hot garbage everywhere you go, unless you go to New Jersey, where the air will just kill you anyway. The bars are unnecessarily crowded, so everyone with rooftop access and half a brain is just getting drunk someplace real fuckin’ dangerous to be drunk at. There’s a lot of total shit at the cinemas (X-Men Origins: Fuck You, Terminator Rape Your Face, Night at the Shit in Your Dead Mother’s Mouth 2) and some fun shit, too (Drag Me to Hell, The Hangover, Up. Yeah, Pixar, bitches.). There won’t be any new L O S T until like 2072 or some shit. And Summer Slaughter is in full effect, muthafuckas.

We are, of course, proudly co-sponsoring this tour, and our fellow co-sponsors at Metal Injection just happened to capture some footage of two new Dying Fetus songs at the Summer Slaughter tour stop in Richmond last night. The one below is called “Your Treachery Will Die With You,” and I’d like to dedicate it to Mr. Dick Cheney. I’ve really enjoyed this most recent press tour, Dick.

Go to Metal Injection to check out another new Dying Fetus song, “Shepard’s Command.” And go here to get all remaining dates for Summer Slaughter. If you don’t go, we’re sending the dudes from Dying Fetus over to your mom’s house to serenade her with these songs.


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