Here’s a pretty cool story for you.

The above video for the song “Duststorm,” off Daath’s truly excellent recent release The Concealers, was fan-made. But the band loved it so much that… well, best to just let guitarist/MetalSucks blogger Eyal Levi explain:

“Now this one comes from from left field. A Russian fan of ours who goes by the name Burlaka Nikolai sent us a video he made for our track, ‘Duststorm.’ Now bear in mind, lots of people put visuals to our music and most of the time they’re unwatchable, and occasionally they’re mildly entertaining. So with that said we were not expecting that Burlaka’s contribution would become the official video for ‘Duststorm,’ but it did because it blew our minds and showed us a new level of creepiness which we weren’t aware the song could inspire. We would love to get more contributions like these. We watch all of them and if we get any others in the future that are on the level you can bet your sweet ass we will get them out there.”

I gotta say, that’s kind of amazing. In this day and age of YouTube and iMovie, everyone and their mother is making fan-made videos; that Daath were so impressed with one that they adopted it just kind of blows my mind. And I’m sure Burlaka Nikolai is peeing his pants right now.

So, aspiring filmmakers: here’s your chance. Get cracking on some cool Daath videos. Burlaka set the bar pretty high, so no slacking!


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