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I will never get tired of streaming new music. I remember when I used to have to go to a listening station (they didn’t even have full booths) at Tower or Sam Goody (SAM FUCKING GOODY!!!) if I wanted to hear new music that wasn’t on the radio, and even then, the pickings were fairly slim, metal-wise. So to be able to listen to shit for free while high in my favorite chair is really just magnificent. Just superb.

And away we go:

  • Dysrhythmia’s entire new album, Psychic Maps, is streaming here. This is instrumental prog metal at its finest, boys and girls. You need to show it some love. The album comes out on Relapse this Tuesday, July 7 here in the States, and then July 13 in Europe. And I guess Asia can just suck it. Suck it, Asia.
  • Job for a Cowboy’s entire new album, Ruination, is streaming here. It comes out on Metal Blade, also this Tuesday. And I think it’s safe to say that, yes, JFAC are officially no longer deathcore. In case y’all had any doubts.
  • Sumeriancore favorites Born of Osiris have yet another song from their forthcoming We Smoke Weed A Higher Place, entitled “Live Like I’m Real,” streaming here. I have a feeling BOO have gone the down same “we got just melodic enough to really piss off a portion of our fan base” path as All Shall Perish. I guess we’ll see come Tuesday.


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