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between the buried and me - colorsCries of “blasphemy!” surrounding the omission of Between the Buried and Me’s 2007 opus Colors from our 21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century… So Far list have rung loud and clear in your comments, especially over the past few days as the list winds down and it’s become apparent that it won’t be included. And ya’ll are absolutely right; Colors is a fucking fantastic masterpiece certainly *worthy* of inclusion in The List. But given the methodology used to compile the list… that’s democracy for you. And let me ask you this: how does the omission of Colors from ANY list in any way affect your enjoyment of this great record? Seriously, folks!

The Interwebs must surely be rejoicing today as news of BTBAM’s forthcoming follow-up has sprung forth from a post by vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers on the band’s MySpace page [sent in by MS Maniacs Jesse Z. and Tom F.]:

hello everyone… writing to update everyone on whats going on with us at the moment. we have FINISHED! tracking our new record and we are spending this week mixing/mastering and all that fun stuff. its hard to believe we’ve been recording for 5 weeks already. everything went really smooth and we are very confident in the fact that this is some of the best material we’ve ever created. can’t wait for all of you to hear it! we have LOTS of footage from the studio that will hopefully be part of a special edition dvd that will come with the new record… we will also be posting some studio videos in the next few months. our touring plans are starting to come together and we’ll be putting up dates tomorrow, so be sure and keep checking back for that info. below is the album’s title and tracklist. more updates as they happen! hope everyone had a good weekend.

-tommy w/ BTBAM

“The Great Misdirect”
1. Mirrors
2. Obfuscation
3. Disease, Injury, Madness
4. Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain
5. Desert of Song
6. Swim to the Moon


So let’s recap: The Great Misdirect, out October 27th… 6 songs of what are sure to be absolutely epic proportions. Tour dates coming tomorrow. Studio videos soon. I’m getting my bong ready as we speak… this is going to be one we listen to LOUD, start to finish. It’ll be hard to top Colors… but if there’s any band that’s capable of rising to the occasion, it’s Between the Buried and Me. New BT-fucking-BAM!


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