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I just read this on the ol’ Bmouth:

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King, a close friend of the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (PANTERA, DAMAGELAN), had the legendary axeman’s guitar in the studio during the recording process for SLAYER‘s new album, “World Painted Blood” (although he didn’t use it it during the sessions), still with the same strings that were on it the last time Dimebag played it. “The one thing that made me look at my lead playing a little differently was when Dimebag passed away,” revealed King. “Not that I’m going to fill Dime‘s shoes because nobody can do that, but I paid more attention to my leads while recording this album. I wanted to make them more memorable in memory of Dime.”

So, to review: King had Dime’s guitar just sitting around, and he wanted his leads to be a tribute to Dime.

I now have two questions for Mr. King:

  1. How is this not exploiting Dime’s death for press? If you didn’t play the fuckin’ guitar, fuck’s having it around got to do with anything?
  2. Dime was killed in ’04. Christ Illusion came out in ’06. Why didn’t you want the leads on that album to be a tribute to Dime?

I normally have the utmost respect for Kerry King; I mean, he just might be the single most metal dude of all time. But this is total bullshit.


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