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Alright, so just to play catch-up: last week Anthrax canceled some European dates because new vocalist Dan Nelson was apparently ill. We didn’t report on that because, well, it’s not, like, exciting news or anything. People get sick. Sometimes those people are performers who consequently have to miss performances. It sucks for the fans but it happens. Whatever.

But now Blabbermouth has made an interesting observation, one which suggests that all might not be well in Anthrax-land:

In addition to deleting his “DanNAnthrax” Twitter profile (cached Google page) on July 16, [Nelson] has posted the following messages on his “DanNelson76” account:

July 16, 3:47 a.m.: “Funny, I don’t feel so lucky…Wonder what everyone is talking about??”

July 16, 4:28 a.m.: “is done.”

July 17, 7:54 p.m.: “loves his family and friends more than ANYTHING.”

The one person I ever knew who suffered from a nervous breakdown began babbling semi-incoherently just like this when he mind finally went on the fritz (at one point, she even declared to me “I am John Frusciante.”). That being said, I don’t actually have any insight into what’s going on with Nelson. For all I know, he really is sick and these tweets were part of a fever-induced bout of mania.

If Nelson is leaving the ‘Thrax, well, those dudes are fucked. They just dropped X amount of dollars recording a new album with Nelson, and even if that weren’t true, I don’t know what they’d do after losing vocalist #4. I’m sure that Joey Belladonna could be pulled away from his exciting solo career of headlining for five people every night and people would go see it, but I wouldn’t be one of them, and I’ve given up hope of John Bush ever coming back. Of course, if they really wanted to shock the metal world, they could reunite with Neil Turbin.

So hopefully this turns out to be nothing. While we all wait for an answer, feel free to do your own reckless speculating in the comments section below.


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