...And F*ck You Too



A few weeks back, on the Metal Injection Livecast (still shilling!!!)Rob Pasbani and company played me Ja Rule’s “We Did it Again,” a song using Metallica outtakes from St. Anger (including some truly ridiculous Hetfield vox that sound totally out of step with the rest of the song) that I had successfully managed to avoid these past few years.

Problem is, ever since I heard it, I often wake up in a cold sweat, screaming “YEAH WE DID IT DID IT DID IT!” This is what it must have been like to survive ‘Nam.

In all seriousness: gotta love* how Metallica keep thinking up new ways to shit all over their legacy.

You can listen to the song here, assuming you don’t value your sanity. In the meantime, here’s some behind-the-scenes shit about the track, which appears as one of the deleted scenes on the Some Kind of Monster (a.k.a. Live Action Metalocalypse) DVD.


*And by “love,” I mean “loathe.”

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