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At the risk of sounding like Eric Cartman after having just seen the Terrence and Philip movie (“Who Wants to Fucking Touch Me?!”), I got to hear Baroness’ Blue Record last night and I just need to say: holy shit, dude.

This is clearly gonna be the next record that we talk about until you’re sick of hearing about it. Because it hits the spot, dude. The G spot. Again… and again… and again. Shiver.

Comparing Baroness to Mastodon seems both disrespectful and passé at this point, but for the sake of simplicity: this really is Baroness’ Leviathan. There’s been a certain buzz in the air for this band since their Red Record, everyone is primed for something new and awesome, and Baroness are going to 110% deliver. The album is undeniably metal and, it should go without saying, fairly proggy – but its also bluesy and soulful, and the songs are all catchy and extremely well written (And that’s why I imagine it will appeal to non-metalheads, too.).

I can’t wait to go listen to this album again. It comes out here in the U.S. on October 13. Get excited.


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