In case you’re blind or something, Howard Jones is a big dude. I mean, a big dude. He’s not, like, the tallest motherfucker you’ve ever met, but he’s definitely ripped, and he has a kung-fu grip handshake. And even though he’s an incredibly nice guy, I just would not ever dick around with him. There is no doubt in my mind that he could break me like Drago broke Apollo.

But the, I’m not the guy in this video, who is obviously way braver dumber than I am:

Wow. Didja really think Howard was gonna punch him? I sure did. I actually think it’s cool that he took the high road; on a practical level, he would’ve gotten sued, and on a philosophical level, he had clearly already defeated his opponent in a battle of wits. Howard is a classy dude.

This video is a few years old already, but I hadn’t seen it ’til MS Maniac Josh Gonzalez passed it along. Thanks, Josh!


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