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the bledA press release that arrived at the MS Mansion yesterday afternoon delivered some upsetting news: Tucson, AZ-based post-rock/metallers The Bled have signed with uber-scene label Rise Records. If you’re not familiar with Rise, all you’re really missing is some pure LOLz: their roster of current and alumni artists includes such fabulous bands as: Attack Attack!, Breathe Carolina, The Devil Wears Prada, Dance Gavin Dance, and a whole slew of other bands who routinely plan breaks into their live sets so they can go backstage and use their hair-flattening irons.

Why such a good band like The Bled (whose most recent album Silent Treatment I wrote about favorably back in ’07) would sign with a label so utterly full of suck is baffling. The Bled — whose sound I’d describe as 1 part At the Drive In, 1 part early Thrice — have issued an explanation via their MySpace blog, so we’ve assigned a team of MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys eager for their morning banana fix to the task of cutting through the crap and translating the band’s statement into something a bit more… honest. The translation, in bold, after the jump:

Today we signed a new recording contract with Rise Records. Thank fucking God we get to release this album somewhere. We’ve been talking with these dudes for awhile now and their passion for music and laughable haircuts and love for our band is undeniable Rise Records are psyched to actually have a decent band on their roster. Rise is a label that is growing rapidly thanks to a slew of shitty scene bands and is second to none in promotion and by “promotion” we mean crabcore and we feel lucky to jump on board with people who genuinely care about the growth of the bands they sign genuinely care about the growth of their bank accounts via signing whatever band happens to be popular with the kids, regardless of how good said band is. I mean, Attack Attack!?? Are you fucking kidding me?? The last year has been difficult for us to say the least times be rough, yo, with member losses and money issues plaguing the future of our band Rise Records gave us a sweet album advance! With new members, a new record written and a new label backing us, it definitely feels amazing to get a fresh start Hopefully by aligning ourselves with a “scene” label we’ll be able to gain some new, young fans who don’t know any better.

So there you have it. I still look forward to the new Bled album, but the fact that it will say “Rise Records” on the spine makes me somewhat skeptical of a possible change in musical direction. We shall see. Check out The Bled on MySpace for some older tunes, or watch the below ripping performance of “Red Wedding” back in ’06.


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