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How many times have you guys heard the cliché about the fifteen year old pimple faced kid with no life sitting on the computer in his mom’s basement getting on Blabbermouth, or Lambgoat, or any of these sites, and just talking mad shit about whatever band or person of note they feel like lambasting? Well, I’m here to say that the fifteen year old we all refer to is just a stereotype.

Sure, there’s gotta be some degenerate fuck somewhere who resembles the World of Warcraft master from that one South Park episode (do yourselves a favor and watch it), who has nothing better to do than talk shit on everything online. Yes, he probably lives at home with his parents, and yes, he has an acne problem. But I have this gut feeling, and my life experiences have confirmed my gut feeling, that this is a minority of the people who take part in these discussions. I think that it’s landscapers, Guitar Center employees, dudes in metal bands, managers, booking agents, label employees, and anyone else who is actively involved keeping up with the genre of metal. Maybe these people aren’t pussies in real life. Maybe they’re just polite. Maybe they don’t want to tell the artist to their face what’s on their mind because a) they may never meet the artist, b) they’re better mannered than that, and/or c) they don’t want to get into a fight over their right to have an opinion.

You never know why, but the blanket of anonymity online helps the normal people you interact with every day express what they really feel about things, and in this case, metal. I don’t think it’s just the loser kid in his mom’s basement. I have personally seen on too many occasions people who you would never expect sign-in under an alias on Blabbermouth and write some of the most horrible shit. From famous people in bands to little dork guitar students who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Everyone posts on these sites.

I stated thinking about this on the last tour DAATH did. People were coming up to me at every city telling me how much they enjoyed the blog. Granted, some of them were the social retards we all refer to in the clichés, but most of them were well-spoken adults who obviously had their shit together.

So that makes me wonder. What does the readership of this blog “look” like. If you guys could do me a favor, in the comments section post the following: your age, your job, and if you are a musician, along with whatever other comments you feel like posting. Till next time.


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