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gary suarezLookie at that; our little boy is all growed up. The fine lasses at Reign In Blonde tapped Señor Suarez for an interview about metal, writing, and writing about metal. It’s a pretty damn fine read if you ask us. To wit:

Which of your Ed Hardy t-shirts is your favorite?It’s ridiculous that people think they’re better than Ed Hardy shirts.  Especially metalheads, who have about as much fashion sense as a ham sandwich.  There was a post on the Stuff White People Like blog about how honkies love to rag on Ed Hardy, and it summed up all my feelings about this.  Christian Audiger deserves credit for being a successful entrepreneur, though his recent brand extensions into things like energy drinks are pretty fucking ridiculous.  He should stick with clothing.  For the record, I own one Ed Hardy shirt.  It doesn’t have rhinestones or anything gaudy like that, but it has a classic eagle tattoo which is pretty cool.  There’s a sister line called Smet, which I like a whole lot more.  You may have seen Smet stuff on Rock Of Love, because Audiger clearly donates clothes to the producers behind these VH1 shows.  Oh, and Affliction sucks.  So does MMA.  Boxing, however, is awesome.

Are you jizzing your pants over the new Behemoth album like everyone else?

No, because that’s absolutely not my thing.  I listen to loads of music, and when it comes to the heavy stuff I lean more towards noise rock, sludge/stoner metal, and post-hardcore.  I often feel like the odd man out at MetalSucks when I read the comments section, but Axl and Vince are really enthusiastic and supportive, which is great considering I’ve been peeing in their orange juice for months now. Those dudes seriously must love my pee because they drink a lot of O.J.

FUCK! That’s why the O.J. tasted funny this morning. Thanks for the love, Gary. No, really.


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