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For those few of you who don’t know what this website is, it’s a collection of thousands of free metal albums, EPs, and demos. It’s truly an excellent website and a service to the metal community. Here, I’m going to recommend a few artists and albums, but I want you to search them on there. After searching what I list, randomly browse the site for other albums. I’ve found lots of great stuff on there that I otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. This is the way to truly get the word around for bands with absolutely no financial backing. Here they are:

Vortech – Posthumanism
Against Nature – Discography
Demilich – Nespithe (if you don’t have this by now, you should be
ashamed of yourself)
Carcariass – Killing Process
Cloudkicker – Discography
Clad in Darkness – Amidst Her Shadows
Cephalectomy – An Epitaph to Tranquility
Esoteric – most of their discography
Fist in Fetus – their EP
Grey Skies Fallen – discography
Heathen – discography
Iron Thrones – Visions of Light (MS user groverXIII brought this band
to my attention–thanks!)
\\Maytag – discography
Moroghor – …and Space as Chaos
The Pax Cecilia – Blessed are the Bonds
Synestesia – two EPs are on their website

Those are just a few bands on that site that are great. I’m certain that all of these bands give their albums away for free, and I’m almost positive that links are all on freemetalalbums. If not, Google is your friend.


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