• Axl Rosenberg


I wasn’t really a fan of by-the-numbers metalcore outfit A Girl A Gun A Ghost, but I just read singer Matte Wagner’s statement regarding the group’s break-up on Lambgoat, and it’s so fucking honest and funny that I just had to share it with you all:

“Not that anyone cares, but A Girl A Gun A Ghost is officially totally done. After a year of never announcing I was kicked out, they decided to not announce that they were folding as a group. I just wanted anyone who still may care to know this. Thanks.”

Bands, take note: that is how you announce a break-up. No bullshit excuses, no hype, no niceties. This dude clearly doesn’t even have any illusions about how (un)popular his band was; he is just being 100% straight-forward.

Matte Wagner, I’m sorry I didn’t like your music more… but today, you have totally earned my respect.

Not that anyone cares.


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