• Axl Rosenberg

TourbillionRecently sacked Dimmu Borgir bassist/clean vocalist Vortex has weighed in on the split between the band, himself, and keyboardist Mustis. And I’m sure it will shock none of you to learn that he’s siding with Mustis.

SMN News reports that Mr. Vortex (real name: Ian Carter Simen Tourbillion) has posted the following message on his MySpace pagee:

“My support goes to Mustis, the true creative force in Dimmu for the last ten years, and his rightful legal chase.”

That’s the problem with Vortex. He’s such a talker. Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap. Won’t shut the fuck up. Sheesh.

Anyways, to call Mustis “the true creative force in Dimmu” for the past decade is both a huge compliment to Mustis and a big cock slap to the remaining members of Dimmu. And, honestly, I’m not a big enough Dimmu fan to know how much truth there is to the statement – but as SMN points out, it does align with Mustis’ previous claim that he’s being screwed out of songwriting credits. And his keyboards have been a pretty distinctive part of Dimmu’s sound these past years.

Anyways, hopefully at some point one of the remaining Borgirians will respond, ’cause that’s when the real fun will begin. In the meantime, maybe Vortex can get started on some new Arcturus now? Please?


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